District 5 Goals.

Increasing Public Safety in our Neighborhoods

In 2020, District 5 saw a 62% increase in violent crime, and a250% increase in homicides. Amy has been an outspoken advocate for public safety for years. In 2019, she wrote an Anti-Violence letter[AJH1]  and collected signatures from 63 community members and elected officials asking for practical, measurable solutions to violent crime. She continues to push for public safety solutions through neighborhood watch meetings and advocates for increased policing in locations known to be “hot spots” for crime.

Safer Street Crossings, Sidewalks, and Bike Lanes

In 2019, Amy wrote a grant for a “bike and pedestrian byway” on Kensington Avenue**. After re-applying in 2020, she got it! $500,000 from the Salt Lake City budget will fund improvements creating a safer corridor that will connect Salt Lake City’s District 5 from east to west. Amy believes that bringing more eyes and feet to an accessible street will help naturally deter crime and promote public health and traffic to local businesses.

Supporting our Homeless Resource Centers and Affordable Housing

Amy has served on the Gail Miller Homeless Resource Center Neighborhood Advisory Council since the Center opened in the Ballpark neighborhood in 2019. Amy worked with surrounding business owners on Paramount Avenue to change street lighting and parking to provide the Center with a safer environment. Amy was appointed to the Board of the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City in 2021 where she works to create affordable housing opportunities for our community.

Leading Public Conversations

Amy has served as a board member of the Ballpark Community Council since 2016 and as Chair for the past 3 years. She plans and leads monthly meetings between residents, public safety officers, and elected officials. Under Amy’s leadership, meetings have achieved record-breaking attendance! Democracy starts with dialogue, and Amy does the work to make these discussions happen month after month, even through the pandemic.